Holding Space for Women

Group Sound Meditations

In 2018, Kelly Hurley joined her partner,  Dennis Frate, as a co-facilitator of Sound Meditation. They both studied with acclaimed musician and teacher, Three Trees of Sedona, AZ. Together they learned how to work in harmony as they take you through a sound journey.   

Dennis’s specialty is understanding the science of sound on the body and brain waves. While Kelly teaches you how sound allows you to forget the limitations of  the 5-senses. It’s in this deep meditative space that you can ask the Co-Creative Energy your heart’s desires. 

Kelly brings her own women's magic and intuitiveness to the group sessions. She loves accompanying Dennis by playing Drums and Gongs while he expertly plays the Flute and other exotic instruments. 

They enjoy mesmerizing their participants while holding space for their intentions. 

Women's Circle

As a facilitator of Women’s Circles since 2017, Kelly is now blending her circles with sound meditation creating a unique way to connect with other like-minded women.  

Come experience one of these powerful Women's Circle with Sound. 

Private Sound Session

Kelly Hurley has been helping women find their autonomy in a world where the way a woman thinks and feels isn't always understood. She can help you normalize what may have felt out-of-sorts in the past. Give Kelly a call to see if her guidance may be what you've been looking for. And to find the power of the Goddess Queen you always felt inside. 

Call Kelly for a FREE 30 min Discovery Session to see if a private sound session with both Kelly & Dennis is a fit for you. 

Kelly (760) 407-6772