32 Years Experience, Massage Therapist in Carlsbad

Massage and Yoga

Dennis Frate has been working with athletes and the injured for 30 years. His intuitiveness with the human body and vast knowledge of deep tissue massage is something that sets him apart from the usual massage experiences out there. 

Dennis is also a Yoga Instructor of 17 years. His unique self-massage and stretching techniques will aid in your healing between massages. 

Click HERE to view Dennis's 10-part series of stretching videos on our YouTube channel. 

Sound Healing

The ancient practice of sound and its effects on the body are now becoming mainstream. Dennis is using sound in his practice in the form of Crystal Bowls, Drums and Gongs to help release tension in the body. 

Click below to watch an interview with one of our Sound Healing mentors, Three Trees of Sedona AZ.

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