Costa Rica

Rio Chirripo Lodge

This beautiful retreat resort is located at the base of the tallest mountain in Costa Rica. The Chirripo river runs right through the resort with its soothing sounds. All of your senses will be awakened. 

Dennis and Kelly felt the stirrings of the jungle prana, sanskrit for "life force" energy, and knew they had to come back and bring others. Would you like to be one of those others?  

Retreat Program

Dennis & Kelly intend to bring their magical Sound Meditation and Yoga for a 5 day program to the wondrous jungles of Costa Rica. 

Yoga every morning before a delicious breakfast buffet prepared fresh daily. A daily group gathering with Kelly & Dennis. Some quiet time in the afternoon before a uniquely Costa Rican dinner at the Lodge. Closing Ceremony at night of sound, dancing and feeling the energy pulses of the jungle. 

Kelly will have her special circle for the women one day while Dennis leads a spiritual hike among the trees around the beautiful jungles of Costa Rica. 

There are also other fun group events offered through the Lodge such as native dance lessons, a tour of the local organic chocolate factory or a hike to the top of Chirripo Mountain. 

The retreat will be sometime in February of 2019. More details of what the program will offer will be coming soon.

Click HERE for the Lodge website. 

Dates and Prices Coming Soon

Rio Chirripo Lodge Video